Who is this person, Louise St.Romain anyway?

Well, among other things, she is a photographer who owns FastCat Studio, LLC, a business that photographs people, pets, products and other things. She teaches photography at one of the local colleges as well as offering one on one instruction.LStR-4

Born in the deep South of the United States, she spent quite a number of years moving up and down the east coast which probably explains some things about her. Education-wise, Louise has an associates of science in accounting, 4 year degree in Liberal Arts from Thomas Edison State University (it was college at the time) one of the state colleges of NJ and a masters degree in Business Management and Leadership from Montreat College in NC. Photography-wise, she was lucky enough to be mentored for a number of years by D.Craig Flory and has managed to pick up knowledge in the years since … Louise has been called a font of useless trivia because of this.

When not behind the camera, Louise plays the drums, attempts to somewhat tame the jungle that is her yard along with her husband, wear funny hats and costumes and when tired of that, goes off exploring on her motorcycle.

DSC_3651 drums1 TurnofaCard1 throwingstones